Five Favorites for Spring

Make something sweet for the sweet lover in your life! There are so many great gift giving occasions are happening this spring. The great thing about our pottery is you can customize your gift for the person you are giving it too.

Teacher? Mom or dad? Graduates? We can help you make a masterpiece for anyone.

Having trouble finding a gift for the creative in your life? Show them how they inspire you by making them something that will help them create even more! Our paintbrush caddies make fantastic gifts and can be used for so many kinds of tools.

We know it’s been unusually cold this year, but spring is still in the air! Gardens everywhere will be bursting soon and gardeners you love will need beautiful vases to place their posies in. Make them one that will make them think of you every time they fill it.

Photos, postcards, business cards, or recipes. What could you use this handy little display cube for? Better yet, who could you create one for this spring?

This container allows for endless possibilities when it comes to making a gift for your loved one this spring. Stop by today and let us show you how you can do it yourself!

Five Favorites for Spring

Five Favorites for Easter

Top Five Pottery Items to Paint for March

Hippity! Hoppity! Easter is on its way! This year the Easter bunny will visit on April 1st so it’s time to get hopping on your spring gifts and decorations. Today we are sharing our top five pottery items for Easter. Take a peek at each one and get your cottontail out to the studio today to paint your favorite one…. or two.

Bunny Plates

Bunny plates are fun to paint and make great accent pieces for any Easter dinner spread. Whether you decide to use it as a decoration or for your favorite Easter appetizer, chances are the one you or your children paint, will make you smile every spring.

Easter Eggs of all Sizes

You won’t want to hide these eggs! We have eggs of all sizes waiting to be painted for your Easter basket. Small eggs, large eggs, patterned eggs, and plain eggs. The possibilities for paintings are endless.

Easter Bunnies

Who doesn’t love an Easter bunny? At Do It Yourself Crafts you’ll find bunnies of all sizes and shapes to paint. We can help you find just the right one for your home.

Deviled Egg Plates

Every family has their very own practically perfect deviled egg recipe. Honor that recipe with a special serving piece to go with it. While egg plates are the obvious dish for Easter, keep in mind that these are perfect to make and give to that new bride with that special recipe.

Posey Plates

We saved one of our favorites for last. We are in love with these lovely posey plates for spring. Your table or gallery wall will be in full bloom this Easter with a set of these salad sized dishes. Use them right on through the summer too!

Five Favorites for Easter

Five Favorites for February

It’s not to late to paint a little something for your sweetheart. Better yet! Bring them into the studio with you and spend some quality time being creative!

Everyone is mad for the cactus these days. We have a few new fun southwestern pieces for your home. We just need you to come in and put your imagination to work on them.

Light up your world with one of the many pottery lanterns we have in stock. Take setting the mood seriously by creating your own ambiance.

Cheers! We have just received a great collection libation celebration pieces! These require that you gather your gal pals and make a night of it during our new evening hours on Thursday nights. Come in from 6-9pm with your friends for some creative therapy.

Calling all coffee drinking animal lovers. We have so many new mugs with cute critters on them, we can’t even decide which one is our favorite! From the sloth to the hedgehog we are sure you’ll find a mug you can’t resist painting.

Five Favorites for February

Top Five Favorites for January

Mason Jars

Our theme for January is “Home” and we all know that in the south, a mason jar is the thing that makes every house a home one way or another.

From pottery to canvas, you won’t have trouble finding a mason jar themed project that will make you smile.

Sweet Treat Pottery

Cup cakes, ice cream sundaes, and candy dishes make us happy. We think this new pottery line will make you happy too. Make a set for your own family and begin finding reasons to celebrate.

Crosses and Angels

We recently added several new Celtic crosses and angels to our line of pottery. There are so many beautiful techniques to use on these pieces. They are especially beautiful with pottery glazes. Come in and make one for your home.

Leaf Plates, Dishes, and Candle Holders

These are gorgeous!!! Leaves in nature come in so many lovely colors. The paint possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Lunar New Year

Happy Buddha, Koi, Take out dishes, and more! We have several beautiful pieces waiting for you to come in and make them your own.

Top Five Favorites for January

Five Holiday Favorites

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

We have wide variety of sizes and shapes that you can can light up various ways this Christmas! Come pick out the right size for your home.

Christmas Mugs

As you sit enjoying your Christmas lights and the quiet peace of the house during the holidays, use a mug that makes you smile.

Christmas Critters

Up your decorating game this year with our Christmas critter collectibles. Extra points if you get why we paired the moose and squirrel. 😉

Coloring Book Bisque

Let our pre-printed bisque take the stress out of “what should I paint?!”

These items are design ready and eating for you to add paint!

Cookie Jars

You’ve spent all that time baking, why not make a special cookie jar to add to your tradition? You’re family will enjoy it for years to come!

Five Holiday Favorites

My happy place

My store is my happy place. 

I am so lucky, because I get to go to work and love what I do. I get to see people when they are celebrating and enjoying themselves. I get to be around people who are being creative. I get to see the seed plant and grow from an idea to a finished project. 

I get to escape the world, and be surrounded by color and art and smiles. 

I love that my store has been the happy place for other people. When sad things are happening the in the world, it is hard to remember that we are more good than not. 

But at my happy place, that isn’t ever hard to remember. 

Baby footprints and Cookies for Santa plates and gifts for grandmother’s birthdays and people just coming to paint because they want to – that is optimism and hope and love. 

My happy place

Believe Big

I have to tell you about something I am really excited about being a part of it. I have to tell you on the blog, first, because when I tell you about it in person I end up with what my son calls “my cry voice” where I try to talk but really I’m crying. 

Happy crying, but crying nonetheless. 

Last week I was in Phoenix, seeing studio owners from all across the country. We learn from each other, and one of the things we learned about is a program called Believe Big. You can learn a lot about this program and the wonderful people here. But here’s a little bit about them:

Believe Big is a non-profit Christian organization founded by Ivelisse and Jimmy Page after her battle with Stage IV colon cancer. Established in 2011, Believe Big is bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine for fighting cancer. Believe Big provides patients with hope, help, and healing.

They are good people, who touched our hearts. It was amazing to meet Ivelisse and hear her story, and hear about how a mug her children painted with the word BELIEVE on it was so meaningful to her. 

The organization is doing so many things, obviously, but one of the things they do is distribute painted mugs to encourage other people going through cancer treatment to BELIEVE. This is where Do It Yourself Crafts, and you, come in. 

You can paint a mug that will end up with someone who is going through cancer treatment. We are at a pretty early stage of our partnership, but I’m too excited to not tell you about it. 

You, or your group or organization, can come in to DIYC and paint a mug for the Believe Mug program. The cost for each mug is $15, and 40% of this will be donated to a local charity. All of the mugs will end up with people in cancer treatment. 

You can come in any time to paint a mug – $15 per person. Or take a Tub of Mugs with you, to paint at your location. This is perfect for scouts, church groups or anyone who wants to spend time painting, and sharing with others. 

If you are interested, please email me at I’m so excited to be a part of this. And I will probably cry every time one is painted. 💗

Believe Big

Fundraising and Auction Projects

There are so many ways we have helped schools and nonprofit organizations raise money over the years! While we are no longer able to make donations to everyone who asks, we do offer discounts for any item done for a silent auction. 

If your school, group or organization is interested in working with us to do a fundraiser, we would love to chat with you. The best way to start the conversation is with an email to

What can we do? Lots of things! Items created by the people benefiting from your silent auction always do well. We discount your piece, and can send pottery and paint to your location to get the work done. We can also help you with the project – from start to finish. 

Would your school like to do a handprint fundraiser? We create the order form for parents, come to the school to get the handprints, and do the finish work. We then deliver the pieces back to you. This is great for Christmas and Mother’s Day! We’ve helped schools raise over $50,000 with these fundraisers! This is perfect for preschools and CDCs. 

If your school has more older kids, a pottery night at the school may be ideal. We will bring pottery, paint and all the supplies to your location, and families can enjoy a night of painting. This can work for school or churches, and is perfect for Christmas. 
There are so many great ideas for fundraising, but we know that our pottery always is a hit. Let us know how we can help your group raise money!

Fundraising and Auction Projects

Features Technique: Pottery Glazes

This month we’re going to get a little technical on you, and talk about the difference between pottery and ceramics and high fire and low fire.

First pottery and ceramics: There is no difference. It’s like asking if something is cow or beef. It’s the exact same thing, just different places call things different names. Doesn’t that help?

High fire versus low fire IS a thing though. It’s the difference between firing something to 2200°, where the clay body is vitrified and very hard – this is called stoneware, or high fire pottery – and low fire earthenware, where it is only fired to 1800°, the clay body is still porous, but you can decoratively paint. High fire stoneware is what you see most art shows. It is where the piece has been dipped in a glaze and whatever happens, happens. Here at DIYC, what we mainly do is low fire earthenware, which is the clay body that best accepts decorative painting.

But that’s not to say that we can’t get a high fire stoneware look on our low fire earthenware clay pottery. It just requires using special glazes, and being willing to not know exactly what it’s going to look like what it turns out. It’s like wrapping your own present!

All glazes begin with raw elements and they change in the kiln. Pottery glazes really change in the kiln. Like…. A lot!

One thing about pottery glazes is that they CANNOT be dipped in another clear glaze. You must paint three really good coats of a color to make it look how you want it to look. And a “coat” means that you paint and let it dry until it has lost its shine, and then you are ready for your next coat.

These glazes have the most amazing ability to be combined. You can layer and add something called “magic flow”. Different things, including the shape of the pottery you are painting, affects what the glazes will do.

We have these glazes sampled in a number of ways in the shop – on the owls you can see how each color reacts to the texture, having high points and low points to show the color changes. Across each middle is a swipe of the magic flow. Each color reacts differently.
The small bowls are each painted in the same way, and you can tell how the different pottery glazes react differently. In the insides of all, we have 3 coats of the glaze, with a black line to show you how the glaze reacts with black paint. Some colors have a rusty look, some colors stay more black. It’s so cool! One the outside, we painted one side with two coats of black and then painted three coats of pottery glaze on top. On the other side, we painted three coats of pottery glazes. Some colors really show a difference – others not so much.

Layering different glazes gives you so many possibilities of reactions. It’s like picking drink flavors at Sonic!

Some people refer to pottery glazes as “art in a jar” because you get such amazing results. This is really true – you can paint an item with pottery glazes and be guaranteed with a wonderful finished piece.

Features Technique: Pottery Glazes