Technique – silk screens

One of our favorite things is taking something that looks complicated, and showing you how easy it can be. Silk screen designs on pottery are amazing. 

This video was made by one of my suppliers. Let it inspire you and come make something of your own!

Mayco Silkscreens

One of our favorite silk screen projects 


Technique – silk screens

Some of what you can expect

I just sat down to clean up after a customer, which is actually one of my favorite things to do. I love seeing how a customer has taken the our blank canvases and created something.  


I love cleaning up the brushes and putting away the paint, because then I can get ready for the next people, and their creations. We’ve been doing this for more than sixteen years in Homewood, and in October we will celebrate a year in Hoover. 

I’m looking forward to sharing some of our favorites here. 

Some of what you can expect

Why a blog?

Well, so here it goes. A blog about Do*It*Yourself Crafts, and all the amazing things we can do here.


Well, because we think we do some pretty amazing things at Do*It*Yourself Crafts, and we want to tell you. But if I keep adding them to the website, our website will become crazy crowded, and I’m pretty sure everything will get lost in the crowd. So instead I decided to start a blog, and I’m pretty excited to show you around.

We’ve been open in Homewood for 16 years, so we have a lot to show off. The Hoover store has been open since October, but we still have fun things there to share.

I’m going to update a LOT, and hopefully will figure out how to add tags to things. Hashtag teaching an old dog new tricks. (My staff doesn’t think that is very funny, but I think it’s hilarious. They will be old one day and think it is funny, too.)

So, here goes! Thanks for being here!

Why a blog?