Why a blog?

Well, so here it goes. A blog about Do*It*Yourself Crafts, and all the amazing things we can do here.


Well, because we think we do some pretty amazing things at Do*It*Yourself Crafts, and we want to tell you. But if I keep adding them to the website, our website will become crazy crowded, and I’m pretty sure everything will get lost in the crowd. So instead I decided to start a blog, and I’m pretty excited to show you around.

We’ve been open in Homewood for 16 years, so we have a lot to show off. The Hoover store has been open since October, but we still have fun things there to share.

I’m going to update a LOT, and hopefully will figure out how to add tags to things. Hashtag teaching an old dog new tricks. (My staff doesn’t think that is very funny, but I think it’s hilarious. They will be old one day and think it is funny, too.)

So, here goes! Thanks for being here!

Why a blog?

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