Pumpkin carving time 

it’s that time of the year – when Starbucks starts promising pumpkin spice lattes and yellow butterflies flit across the sky. And it is still 90 degrees every day but we are positive fall is coming. Mainly because college football – but we live in Alabama so that is okay. 

A popular thing we do at DIYC is custom pumpkins. I’m kind of obsessed. 

I carve them when the clay is still soft – softish, that is. It’s a stage called “leather hard” and it means I can still carve it with a scalpel. 

The first batches of pumpkins have been done. It takes a few weeks for them to be ready, so now is the time. Before September 10 I feel like we can get them ready in time for you to paint for Halloween. After that, I can’t make any promises other than I will do my best. 

Call the Homewood store to order – 205-868-4346. 

Pumpkin carving time 

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