Technique Tuesday: Coloring Book Bisque

I love the coloring book craze. I think it’s great anytime someone takes a moment to be creative. I am also well aware of what it’s like to have an idea but not have the training to make your hands do what your brain wants you to do.

(Trust me, I can’t draw a horse without you thinking that I’m drawing some kind of freaky alien dog. But I digress.)

So I totally get why people love coloring books. And we’ve added some coloring book items to DIYC, ready for you to fill in!

The idea started with a tool we already have for you to use – silkscreens! We love silkscreens (and I’m going to talk about them soon) because they are the perfect way to have intricate and delicate designs on pottery, without having to draw them yourself.

 But, even that can be overwhelming, because we have five notebooks of screens to pick from.

A few weeks ago, I tasked Frannie, Brittany and Katie with making our coloring book bisque, and I think it’s pretty awesome. The silkscreen designs are pre-fired into place, so you don’t have to worry about them rubbing off while you paint. And the lines “rise” to the top, even with some paint on top.

We have projects for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and birthday and every day. We have projects that are perfect for a little friend who just wants to smear paint all over, or if you want to take your time and really make something amazing.

I like to think that’s how the entire store is, but now we’ve got some plates and mugs and other items ready for you to fill in the designs. Come show us what you can do with them!

Technique Tuesday: Coloring Book Bisque

Technique – silk screens

One of our favorite things is taking something that looks complicated, and showing you how easy it can be. Silk screen designs on pottery are amazing. 

This video was made by one of my suppliers. Let it inspire you and come make something of your own!

Mayco Silkscreens

One of our favorite silk screen projects 


Technique – silk screens